Well, as we´re closing in on the kickstarter lauch it´s time to talk about some of the nuts and bolts behind the game design process. Designing the decks.
My first attempt at designing the backs...
It should come as no surprise to you that I am not an artist (my stick figures are awesome, but not exactly museum quality). We hired an actual artist to do the art for the game, but figured that we should be able to do the backs ourselves. How hard could it be?
As the iphone 5 conquers the hearts and minds of the land of the midnight sun, it might be due a little reality check. Of couse, it also gives me a good reason to share the first of many pictures from the upcoming game Yeehawd!

So let´s take a look at this most Luciferian of fruits, the apple from the tree of knowledge.
Some time ago I started writing a synopsis for a book I´ll probably never finish. After all, that´s what usually happens with my grand literary projects. I mean, I´m pretty good at editing, but the long haul of writing a novel is pretty daunting to me.

I hope you brought your lucky die...

That being said, I haven´t given up hope. One of the things I enjoy about writing speculative fiction is creating the premises for the story. The world building.