All hands on deck, the deck design that is.

Well, as we´re closing in on the kickstarter lauch it´s time to talk about some of the nuts and bolts behind the game design process. Designing the decks.
My first attempt at designing the backs...
It should come as no surprise to you that I am not an artist (my stick figures are awesome, but not exactly museum quality). We hired an actual artist to do the art for the game, but figured that we should be able to do the backs ourselves. How hard could it be?

Well, considering that our goal was to make the cards pop and be recognizable my first attempt wasn´t really good enough. I actually had a whole series of crappy backs there to figure out the theme. It worked great for the prototype however.

Good enough for first attempts and concepts, but not really what we wanted to end up with. For a game that was supposed to be all about quirky fun they resembled the blandness of UNO. We had to step it up a notch.

We sat down to discuss how we were going to tie all our different decks together. Not being your traditional card game, we have more than one deck to deal with, and with the artwork trickling in from our artist we had a bit more to work with. 

The four decks we needed were: 
  1. Chapter
  2. Verse
  4. Prophets
They paired up nicely, so we decided to try out a dual theme. The Chapters and Verse based on bombs and the Followers and Prophets based on sheep.

These worked a lot better.

Thematically they all worked together, even if some of them needed a bit more tweaking, but there was no real reason behind the bricked theme other than a need to break up that awful monocrome coloring of the first batch. We actually never got around to using these in an actual prototype, because we´d started to work on the website and we got a revelation.

We had a style, at least we thought we did. We were going to do newspaper cartoons...

Well, newspaper cartoons are all fine, but we needed a backdrop. 
Something that played up the theme of the game.
We needed, well, we like calling it Jesuslights.

As you might have noticed from the website, and the facebook page, we´ve been using this playfully ominous theme throughout, and it´s really helping to tie everything together. It´s almost art deco in its purity, and it should come as no surprise that we´ve ended up with a main font that´s sans serif (Gill Sans for the typography geeks out there)

 We´re still harping on with Bean Laden though. He´s such an iconic character that he´s survived every version so far. Not bad for a guy riding an atomic bomb.
Now I´m not completely sure about the prophet card yet, but the Follower card works like a charm. The color scheme is nice but I still might do some tweaking after looking at how the prototypes turn out. And I guess this marks the end of this little preview into the design progress of the game.

It´s interesting to note that all of the cards have a white border, but with the white background it doesn´t show that well. Guess you´ll have to wait for actual pictures of the prototype.

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